Sunday, June 15

風呂敷 - The Art of Furoshiki

Furoshiki, traditional Japanese wrapping cloths, have developed into their own artform in terms of design and application. Originally used for transporting clothes, furoshiki artists have recently demonstrated how they can equally put a little style into everyday objects. Down on Kiyamachi street, one furoshiki artist promoting her new book agreed to show me a few tricks. The possibilities are endless, so get folding!

Tuesday, October 8

Myoshinji Candle Gardens

       A narrow path led up to the temple. Merry lights
bounced off the trees, and I was greeted by the sound
of violins and a stray banjo bringing the warm autumn
night to life with a lively Irish jig. Eager to join the festivities,
I made my way across the garden to the inner temple gates.

Five young temple workers hopped off  beautifully woven
tatami mats at my approach. With the usual bows of greeting,
they informed me that I had in fact just entered a private
lodging and was about to crash their equally private party.

Armed with a map and breathless from endless fits of hysterical
giggling, I finally arrived at the candle lit gardens of Torin'in.

Just sitting there by those gardens, watching candles flicker in the
wind, my worries melted like hot wax. Tap, tap, the sound of monks
tapping their bamboo hammers echoed as soothing as a heartbeat.
Softly, the evening slipped into night.